Tubas and Parts For Sale (Make me an offer!)

"MM" tubas were designed by a gentleman in Florida and constructed in China. He marketed them for a few years and displayed them at the Army Tuba Conference, but his website no longer exists. Several years ago I bought one of his model MM2000 BBb piston tubas on Ebay, nearly new, for a very low price. I knew it had intonation issues, but I liked the valve section. (I used that to upgrade an old Conn 20J, as described elswhere on this site.)
I hope to find a new home for the case and body of that MM tuba pictured above and below. If you are looking to replace the bell of a big BBb tuba this might be just what you need. The bell diameter is 17.75 inches and the circumference at its small end is about 17". Its length is 23". The bottom bow is about 11.5" tall, with a circumference of about 17" at the big end and about 10.37" at the small end. The next bow goes down to about 5.5" circumference.

Now that I have taken it apart I think I see why its intonation was so bad. Both legs of the main tuning slide are the same bore as the valve slides, about 19.5 mm inside. The dogleg is tapered to a slightly larger bore (20.5mm), but the entire first loop after the dogleg is cylindrical with 20.5-mm inside diameter. My guess is that he intended that bugle for a CC tuba, but then added the extra loop (pictured below) to bring it down to BBb. So MAYBE it would be possible to make a nice-looking CC tuba with this body. If nobody wants this beautiful piece of brass it will be scrapped.

A Nice Bell for an Oval Euphonium:

This is from a nearly-new Jinbao that did not play well. I sold the case and used its valve section for my bass trombone project. Anyone who can find a use for it is welcome to take it off my hands.

A Junky but Playable CC Tuba:

I would also be happy to find a new home for this tuba. Please make me an offer. For more details click on this link: Hen's Tooth CC

A Junky but almost playable F Tuba:

Somebody gave me an old Eb tuba many years ago. I saw the word "York" in the engraving on the bell, and thought it might make a nice F tuba. But it turned out to be a "New York" brand. I did make it into an F tuba, but the valve section turned out to be leaky and rather ugly. It's still a nice bell and body just waiting for the right person with a good King valve section.

My email address is ahovey2@gmail.com. I am in Connecticut and would be happy to part with any of the items above.