Youth Bands Over the Years
by Art Hovey

Over the years I have helped organize and lead many different bands for young people, following in my father's footsteps. Here are just some of the more successful ones, starting with the most recent:

NMS Saxophone Rhythm Kings (2016 to 2018)





Neighborhood Music School Rhythm Kings (2014 to 2016)





The Route 17 Stompers performed in the final two "Hot Steamed Jazz Festivals" in the summers of 2013 and 2014.





The Sugarfoot Jazz Band (2006-2012) was perhaps my most successful, most photgraphed, and longest-lasting endeavor.



2009 SLIDE SHOW. . . PHOTOS FROM BILL'S SEAFOOD . . . . . . VIDEO CLIP 1 (Arab Strut) . . . VIDEO CLIP 2 (C. C. Rider)



The New Black Raspberry Jazz Band (1997-1999) evolved from the Amity Physics Bands of those years and performed in the Great CT Traditional Jazz Festivals of the late 1990s.





The Squabble Hill Intercollegiate Backyard Band (1986-1993) practiced for several summers at my home before convincing David Greenberg that a youth band would be worthy of performing in the Great CT Traditional Jazz Festival. In this photo you may recognize John Clark (clarinet & baritone sax), Jeff & Jen Barnhart (piano & trombone), Al Bernard (subbing for me on tuba for that set) and Howard Fishman on guitar. On other occasions we had Ed Metz (senior) and Sal Raniello helping us out on piano and drums, and Mark Vigorito on trumpet and guitar.